[VSCode] Extension List

Project Management

Project Manager

Simple project manager for switching between projects quickly within your editor.


Live Share

VS Code Live Share is a brand new feature that is still just in developer preview. It allows you to share your workspace in realtime, live editing, pin to user to follow their cursor, group debugging and many more. It’s really helpful if you work remotly or when you need to collaborate with someone who isn’t around.



Adds support for EditorConfig so when you format a file it refers to this convention.


Code Runner



Adds support for ESLint and should start working automatically after installing and reloading VS Code.

JavaScript (ES6) Code Snippets

Speed up your ES6 development with a bunch of snippets. Type imd to get a quick:


A premium continuous test runner that creates visual feedback in your editor when your tests for the file you’re working in pass or fail.

See Also: Quokka.js

Document This

Automatically generates detailed JSDoc comments in TypeScript and JavaScript files.

Editor enhance

Sync Settings

Chances are you are coding on multiple computers. Moving your plugins and settings across computers is a breeze thanks to the Settings Sync extension by Shan Ali Khan.


Align text that have things that need to be aligned like =, :, and more.

UI & lookup


Get sweet looking icons in your sidebar for all file types.